Now it’s getting serious: Michael guided our first tour! We welcomed one American and three German guests.

Our first stop was Brauerei zur Malzmühle, where Bill Clinton enjoyed his Kölsch in 1999.

Apparently our American guest didn’t want to believe Michael, when he told the Bill Clinton story.

After some historical background on the Heumarkt, which we crossed, we arrived at Gilden im Zims – Heimat Kölscher Helden brew house. In this lovely place they saw some really old walls and a legendary wishing well.


Gilden im Zims – Heimat Kölscher Helden

That’s what everyone was longing for: Delicious Kölsch!

To cool down, we took a walk outside, where Michael told some stories about love, bottoms and the moon…

Courious, what Michael is showing them?

…we continued our tour through Brauhaus zum Prinzen and Bierhaus en d’r Salzgass, where we tasted Päffgen Kölsch, which according to many Colognians is the best Kölsch in the world.
Unfortunatelly we were having so much fun, that we forgot taking more pictures.

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